Conscious Living Flow Fest

Schedule of days events (preliminary more to come!)

10:AM Opening ceremony Inaugural presentation of the new Sacred Garden and Memorial Art sculpture of George Marks

healing corner 10-2:30 various practitioners through out the day (indoors)

10:30 Flow yoga- The space 

11:00 Fuel well, live well- ochsner nutirtionist Yvette Quantz

11:30 Gong sound bath

12:30 vegan cooking demo (indoor)

1:PM Hoola hoop flow performance

1:30 Fermented foods for healing (Indoor)

2:PM Hoop/ poi tricks Lessons

3:PM Healing elements percussion circle and flow freestyle

4:15 Group Flocking (an interactive movement meditation)

 5:pm Inauguration of Michelle Fontenot Art installation 'The Bird House Totems'

 All day educator booths

Magic tipi trail 

Bubble flow station

Flow creation station- Make your own flow gear hoola hoops, poi, ribbon dancers

kid entreprenuer with Emerge and Kiki's juice box

Healing corner- various local healing practitioners offering free personal sessions